112 Miracles
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frequently asked questions

Q. When are you posting a new theme?
I do not have a specific time as to when I post themes, I try to post them whenever I have the time.

Q. Will you post the theme you're currently using on your main blog?
9 times out of 10 the theme I am using on my main blog will be available to use once I get tired of it.

Q. *Insert coding problem here*
If you have a problem with the coding on one of my themes, please message me on my main blog, but not on anon. There's a better chance I will answer it faster privately. Don't worry, I'm a nice person!

Q. Can I alter the theme to fit my personal needs?
Go right ahead! If you want infinite scroll, or want to add widgets or such, be my guest! All I ask is that you do not remove the credit.

12-2-13: Re-opening. Old codes are being restored. 1 new theme added!